Streaming Video - Tips, Tricks & Trends for 2018

In just about a decade, the whole TV experience has been upended, re-written, and forever fundamentally altered. Consumers now want video content at anytime and anyplace. Can you deliver? 

Nothing has captured the imagination of consumers around the world quite like streaming video. Where recording devices like VCRs and Tivo introduced time-shifting to the TV-viewing experience, streaming video - and in particular subscription-supported video on demand, or SVOD - steamrollered the whole thing with the new concept of binge-watching. 

In this eBook, you'll learn about:

  • Just how prevalent streaming video has become 
  • How mobile video is eating the Internet
  • Lessons learned from video's growth in 2017
  • The challenges of building a profitable streaming video service 
  • The video voodoo it takes to improve quality and lower costs 
  • How building a self-managed CDN may solve many problems 

    Don't get left behind. Explore the world of streaming video today and see its benefits for you and your customers alike. 

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