2018 Trends in Infrastructure: The Revolution Poised to Happen


January 30th I 1 pm PST

2018 is the Year of Infrastructure: from streaming video to viral apps to IoT, the connective tissue that will define the winners and losers will be the software-defined networks that deliver information instantaneously, seamlessly, reliably to anyone, anywhere.

Is your infrastructure poised for this increased demand? 

Join Simon Jones, evangelist and head of marketing for Cedexis, as we examine the monster trends that are re-shaping the Information Universe; uncover the infrastructure quirks that stand in the way of success; and lay out a clear pathway for successfully exiting 2018 with an infrastructure that delights, delivers, and drives audience growth.

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About Simon: Simon is a Silicon Valley veteran who has spent the last two decades building, evangelizing, and implementing technology solutions that are often sufficiently advanced that they are virtually indistinguishable from magic. Simon resides at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, and spends every day endeavoring to explain complicated things in simple ways.
  • Andrew Marshall
    Simon Jones
    Evangelist & Head of Marketing