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Where many business segments quickly succumb to consolidation, the technologies that comprise the Cloud are instead organizing to interoperate.

In this session we’re going to look at ways to orchestrate complex collaborative environments, focusing on operating multi-server / multi-Cloud infrastructures.

  • Innovation and consolidation
  • Innovation in the Cloud industry
  • Microservices
  • The flipside of microservices
  • Orchestrating for the microservices ecosystem
  • Orchestrating for reliability
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About Aude Smiejan, Cedexis SaaS and Cloud Expert

Aude is a technology enthusiast with experience in building multi-Cloud / multi-CDN setups for major media & video companies. With an MBA from Beijing University, China, she has a keen interest in all things China-related, particularly internet regulations and delivery.

  • Andrew Marshall
    Aude Smiejan

    SaaS and Cloud Expert