Re-thinking High Availability From The Cloud

Congratulations on taking your company to the cloud. In the cloud, you build for failure, and geodiversity is required to ensure high availability.

When you deploy in a second or third cloud region, how do you direct traffic to the correct region?

Cedexis offers a smarter alternative to Route 53 load balancing.

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On-Demand Webinar

In this 40-minute webinar, we will cover how Cedexis can:

  • Deliver performance-based load balancing between AWS and your private data center
  • Optimize video stream delivery from your player or CMS
  • Automate traffic management based on APM data (or any other Synthetic Monitoring tool)

Be an on-call hero! Watch it now to learn how you can benefit from data-driven, latency-based load balancing with Cedexis Openmix.