Game Changer: How Gaming Companies Stay Relevant and Competitive

You just spent six months building your game. Do you really want to risk using one CDN or data center for the all-important initial release?

Single CDNs and data centers are single points of failure. The solution is to multi-home your game and dynamically load balance traffic across multiple CDNs and/or origins. Take the network out of the equation, and let the game speak for itself!

In this 40-minute webinar, we will cover several strategies to improve your gaming business:

  • Multi-CDN configuration for faster game downloads and improved SEO
  • Multi-Cloud/Colocation for enhanced game play and distribution
  • Hybrid-CDN for cost control in delivery and optimal localized performance


Blake Lewin, President, Atlanta Game Cooperative

Steven Lyons, Head of Product Management, Cedexis

Pete Mastin, Product Evangelist, Cedexis

Learn how these and other top gaming companies are benefiting from Cedexis solutions:

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