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Solution Brief:
Multi-CDN Strategies for Video
If your business is providing video content or a platform for its delivery, you know that consumers have little tolerance for anything except perfect performance. As Over the Top (OTT) delivery has become more prevalent, many content aggregators and media companies now use multiple delivery partners to produce top quality video playback.

In this paper, we focus on best practices for multi-CDN and hybrid-CDN video delivery, pointing to real-world solutions and verifiable metrics. You will learn how you can:

  • Attain 100% Availability
    The billions of Real User Measurements (RUM) collected by the Cedexis Radar community each day show that no one CDN or origin is 100% available. To get to 100%, companies must leverage multiple CDNs.
  • Improve Quality of Service (QoS)
    Video-user QoS metrics for both Video on Demand (VOD) and streaming video can be dramatically improved using latency-based traffic management fueled by our RUM performance data.
  • Manage Costs
    Consumer expectations for video resolution are constantly increasing, driving up costs of delivery. Cost and scale cannot be separated. At scale, online video providers must adopt multi-CDN or hybrid-CDN strategies to match costs with optimum performance.

Cedexis offers the world’s first crowd-sourced video optimization service, leveraging the unique insight provided by the Cedexis Radar community. Download the solution brief now to learn more.

Multi-CDN Strategies for Video Delivery