RUM Optimized Gameplay with Cedexis Openmix

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On-Demand Webinar: Cedexis Openmix API for Large Scale Gaming
Nobody likes to be in heavy traffic – especially gamers. Internet traffic is expected to reach 138,410 petabytes per month over the next five years. If there were a better way around that traffic, wouldn’t you want to use it?

Cedexis Openmix is that solution. Until recently, Openmix was only available at the DNS level, but it is now available at the client level and is a perfect solution to help video game publishers and distributors route around bad traffic to reduce latency and long download times.
More Reliable RUM Data for Better Gaming Performance
In this 40-minute webinar, we cover:

  • New challenges associated with digital game distribution
  • How a multi-platform solution can provide a superior end-user experience
  • Real world multi-platform game delivery use cases

Featured Speakers:
Pete Mastin, Cedexis Product Evangelist
Pete has over 25 years of experience in business strategy, product management, software development practices and strategic partnership development. He has a deep understanding of CDN, IP services, cloud technologies, streaming and caching technologies, product positioning, software architecture and iterative design/development.
Blake Lewin, President of Atlanta Game Cooperative and Head of Business Development at Cyan, Inc.
Blake is a proven innovator and leader in interactive product development and digital video game distribution (GameTap, Myst Online: URU Live, GameTree TV) and has spent his career driving strategic development of interactive entertainment products and services at major media companies (Warner Bros., Time Warner, Turner Broadcasting, TransGaming).