See how the internet is running from the user’s perspective

    Cedexis Radar at a Glance:

    • Real-time CDN, clouds, data center availability, latency and throughput performance measurements from 100s of millions of real end users each day. 
    • Visibility into CDN, cloud and private data center performance: availability, latency, throughput, by mean and quartiles. 
    • Graphical reports on end-user Navigation Timing, by URL, browser and device type. 
    • Real-time notifications of application performance according to thresholds you define; by tra c type, geography, etc., delivered within the context of peer platform performance. 
Cedexis Radar gathers RUM data from the client concerning any of the data centers, clouds or CDN’s you use to host your applications. Each test comes from your end-users enabling you to see a continuously updating, real-time map of the web as your end-users see it.

Radar provides a critical data set needed for real-time automated application delivery. With it real-time understanding of worldwide network health, Radar delivers the performance data needed to automated application delivery and ensure the best user experience your application can over.
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