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Solution Brief:
Multi-CDN Strategies for Video
Nobody likes to be in heavy traffic – especially gamers. When Internet traffic slows game state information, players lose advantage, and their immersive experience suffers. Game publishers face the technical challenge of simulating the smooth unfolding of time we experience in the regular world. That means getting packets to every client on time, no matter the traffic conditions.

In this paper, we focus on how using RUM data to choose the best performing platform or server can help you make smarter traffic management decisions and improve gameplay for your end users. You will learn about:

  • RUM data from the Radar Community
    Every day, Radar leverages billions of real user measurements (RUM) from over 45,000 ISPs and networks worldwide, giving customers the best information available to make routing decisions.
  • GTM with more complete information
    Leveraging the real-time performance data collected by Radar, Openmix directs traffic according to key performance indicators (KPIs), such as increased engagement, lower latency, and accelerated bitrates. The result is faster loading games, smoother gameplay, and happier users more likely to return.
  • The HTTP API advantage
    Until recently, Cedexis Openmix was only available via DNS CNAME calls. The new HTTP API implementation has significant benefits for game platforms. Clients can make calls directly to Openmix and get each player routed to the best server possible by leveraging a community view of performance.

Cedexis offers the world’s first crowd-sourced game optimization service, leveraging the unique insight provided by the Cedexis Radar community. Download the solution brief now to learn more.

RUM Optimized Global Traffic Management for Large Scale Gaming