Cedexis Openmix, a globally distributed load balancer

Learn how the Cedexis Openmix uses billions of real-user performance measurements, synthetic monitoring, and 3rd party solutions to deliver all your applications. 

Cedexis Openmix is a globally-distributed load balancer that uses its own
real-user performance measurements, as well as synthetic monitoring and optional external metrics from 3rd party solutions, to guarantee best-in-class modern application delivery.

Scale with your infrastructure
Deliver all your applications, including videos and website traffic, across any
combination of clouds, CDNs and data centers based on real-time data-driven

Delivery optimized by [Whatever matters to you]
Optimize each request based on your priorities, including user satisfaction, resource costs, cloud provisioning, and best of breed network performance analytics - all from the user’s perspective, all from the Cedexis platform

Pre-built integrations for your architecture
Ingest any custom data feed to fine tune your delivery logic including local load
balancers, your own caching servers and APM metrics

Cedexis Openmix allows you to:

- Eliminate single vendor dependencies
- Ensure 100% availability
- Control price/performance trade-offs
- Remove uncertainties of legacy performance tools
- Offload traffic selectively and strategically
- Leverage specific providers to target individual markets

Optimize your application delivery and ensure the best possible experience for your customers. Complete the form to get all the need-to-know information.