Health & performance optimized global server load balancing

NGINX Plus status metrics and alerts are great tools for knowing about the health of your local load balancer instances and service group clusters of instances. Cedexis has integrated with NGINX Plus to enable automated traffic shaping using this data, avoiding misbehaving applications, congested servers and connectivity issues. 

Integrated and Intelligent 

Cedexis global traffic management improves application delivery availability and latency, by combining NGINX Plus health monitoring with Cedexis real user internet performance monitoring and provides a complete view of the health and "reachability" of your applications. 

The Cedexis integration to NGINX Plus enables automated global traffic management through a direct integration to your NGINX Plus master instance or via the NGINX Amplify service. 

See how Cedexis Openmix and NGINX Plus integration can solve your global load balancing needs. You can dowload the solution brief by filling out the form.