How to Implement a Multi-CDN Strategy
Running a global high-performance website has never been more challenging. Leading enterprises must contend with tuning site delivery to perform equally well from Beijing to Boston, Savannah to Sao Paulo. Site owners must also deal with accelerating device proliferation and social media-induced traffic spikes.

In this paper, we share our perspective on the state of content and application delivery platforms, as well as best practices for establishing a content delivery ecosystem. You will learn how to:

  • Select a Content Delivery Strategy
    Your business is unique, and your content delivery strategy should be, as well. The best solution is usually to use several providers that, when combined, offer a fully rounded delivery solution on a global scale.
  • Choose the Best Delivery Platforms for Your Business
    The right set of delivery partners depends on the geo-location of your target audience, your price/performance goals, and the capabilities of your current cloud and delivery providers. Cedexis benchmarks every major cloud and CDN platform in the world, giving you unique visibility into their regional performance.
  • Mitigate Risk as You Roll Out
    The billions of Real User Measurements (RUM) collected by the Cedexis Radar community each day play an integral role in mitigating the risks of deployment. Use of an intelligent load balancer will avoid sending the new providers more traffic than they can handle, ensuring minimal end-user impact.

If you are evaluating the performance benefits of an intelligent load-balancing solution, and monitoring how end users are being affected by your architectural strategy, we can help. Download the whitepaper now to learn more.

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How to Evaluate and Implement a Multi-CDN Strategy