The Hybrid Cloud Landscape is Changing. Are You Ready for 2018?

    Where once Operations teams built extensive, high-availability data centers, today they extend their capabilities with the elastic storage, compute, and delivery capacity of public cloud services.

    In this eBook we look at some of the considerations Ops - and especially the newly-minted DevOps - teams must keep in mind as they integrate public cloud services into their hybrid cloud environments.

    Chapters include: 

    • The problem lurking inside your hybrid IT strategy 
    • SaaS comes at you fast 
    • 10 ways to make outage mitigation fun 
    • Cloud capabilities turn developers into operational experts 
    • Self-sourced data won’t get you where you want to go 
    • Metrics that beat Murphy’s law 
    • Cloud-first + DevOps-first = 81% competitive advantage 
    • Optimizing for resources and consumers alike


    From the serious - to the quirky, this collection of perspectives provides a window into the challenging world of the hybrid cloud operation. Down the eBook for free today!

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