Make all of Your Data Actionable

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    • How Fusion integrates and ingests data from your monitoring tool and allows you to fine tune your delivery logic
    • How the Cedexis optimizes delivery based on your priorities, including end user satisfaction, resource costs, and cloud provisions
    • How to integrate your local load balancers or caching solutions and extending their performance optimizing for global load balancing

    Cedexis Fusion is a robust integration layer that allows IT Ops team to use application performance, cloud and server health, local load balancer, data center, and CDN data with the Cedexis platform to influence global application delivery.

    With Fusion, virtually any of your data sources can be ingested on the fly into Openmix, the Cedexis global tra c manager, to optimize the availability, performance, and cost of delivering your application or content. This allows Ops teams to make real-time, automated application delivery decisions that reflect key business priorities. Get all the information by filling out the form on your right.
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