Cedexis TAG Implementation


This document will explain why and how to inject the Cedexis tag using an F5 BIG-IP local traffic manager..
  • Why use a local traffic manager to implement the tag?

    The core reason to include the tag is that the more the tag is deployed on web pages, the more accurate data
    Cedexis will collect. This, in turn, produces a wealth of information that be used by the Cedexis global server
    load balancer, Openmix, to make better decisions.

    However, implementing the Cedexis tag into an existing application can require extensive planning and

    By contrast, deploying the tag by using an F5 BIG-IP local traffic manager is straightforward and non-intrusive.
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The Cedexis Platform

Software-defined network orchestration for any combination of private and public infrastructure. 

  • Private and Public Infrastructure In Harmony

    A cloud-native, real-time global traffic manager that gets the best of both worlds

  • Real User Measurements, Synthetic Monitoring, and More

    Using the 14 billion daily real user measurements from Radar, synthetic monitoring, and integrations with dozens of 3rd party data sources, make big Data actionable in real time.

  • Easily Configurable Business Rules

    Write your own algorithms in JavaScript, post to the always-on portal, and immediately execute your unique traffic needs,

    Learn more by reading our Software-defined application delivery fact sheet here