Monitor website resource performance and continuously correlate it to the serving CDN or cloud provider.

Use your free, configurable Radar tag to collect standards-based resource timing data on every page load of your website. No sampling. No outliers. Only Cedexis monitors every page load and correlates resource performance to the CDN, cloud, or server that delivers your page.

The level of detail is stunning, measuring every resource, on every page, for every device, for every visitor. The powerful reporting and visualizations give you deep analysis to allow you to:
  • Quickly see which resources are slowing down your site
  • Determine which resources affect your user experience
  • Connect resource performance with user experience
  • Benchmark the performance of your resources delivered by CDNs, clouds, and/or data centers
  • Visibility into the performance of your own scripts and APIs
  • Determine third party resource performance to help set SLAs
  • Filter information to uniquely visualize trouble spots
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Impact Resource Timing
Moving Beyond the Waterfall View: The Industry's First Resource Performance Analytics Solution.