100% App Availability Using Hybrid Cloud
As more applications are designed for cloud deployment, they are increasingly built for active-active resiliency, using stateless interfaces and data-driven global load balancing to achieve high availability. Such distributed architectures across cloud and hybrid cloud data centers present new challenges for automated issue detection and response.

This whitepaper discusses the range of Internet, data center and cloud server/application monitoring solutions available for holistic application health visibility, and how to make them all actionable to achieve self-healing application architectures. You will learn about:

  • Multi-Homing Your Applications
    To ensure 100% availability requires traffic shaping across clouds, content delivery networks (CDNs), and private data centers.
  • Intelligent Analysis and Decision Making
    Automated, real-time decisions based on billions of real-user measurements a day not only ensure 100% uptime but optimal performance.
  • Self-Healing Applications
    The benefit is a robust, redundant application with incredible fault tolerance and a very low time between failures.

If done well, these architectural elements can also perform the dual purpose of making an application perform at its optimum performance potential. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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100% Application Availabilty Using Hybrid Cloud Architectures